Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday, Kagamine Rin & Len!


Happy 9th, my lovely twins~ Read on for more photos and me rambling.

Last year I mentioned that Volks had announced Dollfie Dreams of the twins. This year I got them!! You can check out my video unboxing of Len here, and me unboxing Rin here.

I've been posting photos on my flickr account, and you can check out Rin's album here, and Len's here. Here's a couple more before I go on:



Besides the dolls, they also got more merchandise, of which I snagged as much as I could. You can see Rin's releases here, and Len's here.

Artists on pixiv are now posting some great illustrations to help celebrate.

KarenT is holding their annual special for the twins, featuring fifteen new albums for purchase.

I'm picking two songs for this year BECAUSE I CAN, HA. First is this amazing cover of "Shelter" by Polygon-P (sorry, totally been hooked on this song).

Secondly, this one just came out to celebrate their birthday, but is a very lovely duet cover of "For You" by Selio and Muse.

I really want to do a nice drawing next year, considering it'll be their tenth (TENTH!!) birthday. Hopefully real life will allow that, but at least the twins will always be there~

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