Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Anime Review: "Sailor Moon Crystal" Episode 21

This is, thankfully, one of the better episodes.

I'm inserting this because I love this shot.

Usagi finds herself locked in the Dark Moon castle by Prince Demande, who tells that that after being glared at by Neo Queen Serenity, he decided to have to have her, no matter what (gotta love a woman who wants to kill you). He also explains why the Black Moon hates her line (long life is wrong, etc). She is then left to be miserable and alone.

On the other side, we get to see exactly what Chibiusa has had to deal with for the past 900 years. Most of us just try to survive twelve years of bullying, can you imagine 900 years of that crap?? In my opinion Chibiusa is one of the strongest characters (Venus is tied with her). So seeing her get upset by Pluto smiling at her father makes sense (since not even her mother appears to pay her any attention), plus how she blames herself for everything, and not even mentioning how she's been stuck in a child's body. She wanders off in Time-Space, to be found by Wiseman.


So story-wise, we hit some good marks here, though mostly all on Chibiusa. Sadly, pretty much either other character is worthless (and will continue to be). We get brief appearances of Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter, so it was nice to at least see them. I will say I was glad when Usagi finally saw how idiotic her jealousy of Chibiusa is.

I do need to point out one major flaw: the flashbacks are inserted so randomly it makes it hard to follow. You have to take a second to figure out where you are time-wise and that's annoying.

The voice acting is really top-notch, with the actors hitting all the emotional notes. Getting to hear Neo Queen Serenity's voice is a treat (I assume its close to what Mitsuishi Kotono sounds like normally).

The style this week is really nice and detailed. Movement is fluid, but there are a lot of shortcuts as well. The still images I can deal with (they look REALLY nice) but there were also a lot of flashbacks with the awful animation, and that was really distracting. If the series looked like this episode (minus the recycled flashbacks) we'd be a lot better off. Sadly, the next week's preview looks like we're back to crap.

So pretty~



You can watch all the episodes streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu, NeonAlley, or NicoNico. Or if the original 90's is more your thing, you can watch it at Hulu (with two more episodes every Monday).

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