Saturday, January 17, 2015

Anime Review: "Sailor Moon Crystal" Episode 14

Well, I'll say it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Watch me defeat evil with a broken pinky!

This episode opens with a pretty disappointing final showdown between Sailor Moon and Queen Metalia. While showing a flash of light might work in manga, it fails pretty hard in animation. Animation is all about motion and well, that's something that "Crystal" is lacking and it shows badly here. Hell, they didn't even bother giving Sailor Moon a new transformation (they just changed the brooch)!

I know that the idea of friendship and belief in oneself is what actually defeats Metalia, but with such flat characters and relationships it feels so fake it hurts. At least Usagi moves forward a little when she says she was reborn to be on Earth (stating that she cares about people, but again, we never see her care for anyone besides Mamoru). One thing I've always wondered is whatever happened to the rebuilt Silver Millennium? I mean, now there's a huge castle on the moon and its never mentioned again. I understand letting some things go for the sake of a story, but sometimes its too much.

I did like this little nod to Human Luna (who doesn't actually appear until the third arc).

After the battle, everyone and the Earth are healed by Sailor Moon and peace returns (for maybe a day). Then suddenly a little pink-haired girl falls out of the sky and pulls a gun on Usagi, demanding she hand over the Silver Crystal. Thus begins the second arc, titled the Dark Moon arc.

Do I have high expectations that they'll improve? To be honest, no, but man, I hope I'm proven wrong. This one wasn't great, certainly not the best of the series, but other episodes have been much worse.

Usagi: still not showing any emotion, even with a gun to her head!


Find me a cat that can bend its arms this way and I'll give you a million bucks.

You can watch all the episodes streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu, NeonAlley, or NicoNico. Or if the original 90's is more your thing, you can watch it at Hulu (with two more episodes every Monday).

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