Saturday, December 6, 2014

Anime Review: "Sailor Moon Crystal" Episode 11

Its on time this week!

While Usagi is trying to keep up her spirit, she meets a man who looks just Mamoru but calls himself "Endo" and seems VERY interested in how much she looks like Sailor Moon. A fight ensues where people get hurt and Usagi raises a hand against the look-alike, only to find out in the end that he really is Mamoru.

I actually enjoyed this episode a good bit. There was some character interaction, story development, and even a fight with almost everyone. The girls' personalities got a little more light (Rei is FINALLY showing a little attitude). Usagi and Luna's interactions were very nice.

I love you V, but your body proportions....

The animation was pretty standard (it did visibly drop during the fight scene and had the usual body issues the entire time). A lot of screen time was used up via transformations and some flashbacks, but it wasn't horribly in your face about it; and let's be honest, if you watched the 90's anime you got used to at least one transformation per episode.

Now for some bad points: where the hell were the Four Kings and Artemis (they all appear on screen for only a second and then GONE)? It felt like suddenly no other males exist except for Mamoru.

We ARE still alive, you know....

There were also some plot stuff left out of the manga, such as WHY "Endo" was constantly playing the Sailor V game. Ahwell, this whole reboot is so full of plot holes already, what's a few more?

The best part of the whole episode? Venus' intro speech.



I know exactly where your other hand is, oh Goddess of Love.

You can watch all the episodes streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu, NeonAlley, or NicoNico. Or if the original 90's is more your thing, you can watch it at Hulu (with two more episodes every Monday).

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