Thursday, November 6, 2014

Anime Review: "Sailor Moon Crystal" Episode 8

Venus (or V, or Aino Minako) is my favorite character from this series, so I had high hopes for this one. of course, they were trampled upon.

I miss the red goggles. :(

Sailor V has appeared, claiming to be the missing princess Serenity. She gives them more information on the enemy and also states the others need to hurry up and remember their pasts. Meanwhile Usagi feels as if things aren't adding up just right. Not long after V goes to confront Kunzite by herself, only to fall victim to the "one hit and I'm pretty much done" trope that's been hounding this series from the beginning. But never fear, the others arrive and teach Minako the meaning of friendship and fighting together (once again, this feels so forced, considering they have only really seen Minako once before this fight). Tuxedo Mask shows up again, gets a kiss (instead of giving), and then promptly gets his ass whopped while protecting Moon.

This would be a cool shot, except that Venus' left leg is broken.

On a side-note, I was hoping that them keeping the Kings alive would lead to more back-story, but at this point they've given us nothing and I'm afraid they'll all just die together at the end climactic battle which will be a huge waste, but not surprising.

Animation errors are pretty rampant here. They're not as in your face as episode three's but there's a ton of anatomy issues, wrong colors/outfits, messed up faces, and cheap animation shortcuts. This really makes me sad, as Jupiter's episode was so pretty and yet the senshi of beauty get this crap quality? *la sigh* At least her transformation is the best one; the CG is still ugh, but flows together much better than Moon's (who still has the WORST looking transformation of them all).

CG, yet not 100% horrible.

The preview holds hope that the next episode will actually look good. *crosses fingers*

I have had zero complaints about the voice acting in this series, but when Artemis first spoke, I was not pleased. His voice just doesn't match his appearance AT ALL. Maybe I'll get used to it, but it was so jarring it kind of ruined the scene everytime he opened his mouth.

Overall, I don't have much to say because this one was so unimpressive and the more I think on it, the more it's completely blah to me. If there was one thing this episode had going for it, it was Minako's de-transformation, which was beautiful and I want more.

So pretty~



You can watch all the episodes streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu, NeonAlley, or NicoNico. Or if the original 90's is more your thing, you can watch it at Hulu (with two more episodes every Monday).

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