Friday, May 2, 2014

UTAU Ranking 2013 SP Part 5

Here's the final part. Who made it to the top?

✰Original #3✰
"Peach Meat Pie" by Hario feat. Kasane Teto
Somehow, like last year's number three, this is about food.... I think anyway. It's entertaining at least!

✰Original #2✰
"Rebellion" by nog, nisi, and cillia feat. Namine Ritsu
Ughhhhh, I love this song so much it hurts. When it gets to the bridge I just lose it and sing along badly everytime.

✰Original #1✰
"Meishou Romance" by asa and cillia feat. Kasane Teto
asa snags the top spot two years in a row! While I like "Yoshiwara Lament" more personally, this is just as great of a song.

Ending Songs
1: 【UTAU音源配布】 なんでもないこと 【揺歌サユ多音階単独音】
2: 【重音テト】翠雨【オリジナル】
3: 斜陽/人間失格 【雪歌ユフオリジナル曲】

The final video lists a lot more videos than what was covered in the main countdown, so please take the time to check some of them out.

Yet another fantastic year for UTAU. Perhaps the biggest news in terms of the VOCALOID-related world was the release of Macne Nana for the VOCALOID program. While the original Macne series was released just for MAC computers, many users converted her voicebank for use in the UTAU program, thus making her well-known in that fandom. This makes me wonder if it's only a matter of time before we see a well-known UTAUloid released as a VOCALOID voicebank. If that were to happen it would almost certainly be either Teto or Ritsu.

Feel free to discuss your own personal picks or anything UTAU in the comments~

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