Sunday, February 9, 2014

BC Reacts: Winter Wonder Festival 2014

Twice a year Wonder Festival happens and our wallets cry bloody tears. I'm here to share my personal thoughts on items that caught my eye (for good or bad).

I will be linking to each item's MFC page, since most of the event photos are personal phone or blog shots.

Any figurine that I am considering purchasing will be marked with .

I'll start with various series that overran the show with sheer numbers.

✰"Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~" Items✰
- Yamato scale by Max Factory
- I-58 Chuuha ver. scale by Max Factory
- I-19 Chuuha ver. scale by Max Factory
- I-168 Chuuha ver. scale by Max Factory
- Wo-Class scale by Max Factory
- Yuudachi scale by Phat Company
- Shimakaze scale by Phat Company
- Zuihou scale by Phat Company
- I-168 scale by FREEing
- Inazuma scale by Pulchra
- Ikazuchi scale by Pulchra
- Shiranui scale by Pulchra
- Kagerou scale by Pulchra
- Shimakaze Taiha ver. scale by Aquamarine
- Yukikaze Taiha ver. scale by Aquamarine
- Naka scale by BEAT
- Sendai scale by BEAT
- Kongoukaini scale by Ques Q
-Yamato AGP by Bandai
- Shigure Parfom by Phat Company
- Yuudachi Parfom by Phat Company
- Kaga Nendo by GSC
- Wo-Class scale by GSC
- Musashi scale by GSC
- Kitakami Nendo by GSC
- Ooi Nendo by GSC
- Hiei Nendo by GSC
- Nagato figma by Max Factory
- Mutsu figma by Max Factory
This event was overrun by these items (just look at that list!). I don't play the game and actually know jack about it so my wallet is safe from those. I do like some of the designs, but none of them appeal to me enough to purchase.

✰KILL la KILL Items✰
- Matoi Ryuuko RAH by Medicom Toy
- Matoi Ryuuko scale by GSC
- Kiryuuin Satsuki Kamui Junketsu ver. scale by Phat Company
- Matoi Ryuuko figma by Max Factory
- Kiryuuin Satsuki figma by Max Factory
- Matoi Ryuuko Nendo by GSC
- Mankanshoku Mako Nendo by GSC
- Kiryuuin Satsuki Nendo by GSC
I haven't seen this series, maybe sometime, but uhhh, it hasn't really caught my attention, despite it's huge popularity. So pass on all figs!

✰"Shingeki no Kyojin" Items✰
- Eren Jaeger RAH by Medicom Toy
- Annie Leonhart RAH by Medicom Toy
- Eren Jaeger scale by GSC
- Hange Zoe by Sentinel
- Erwin Smith by Sentinel
- Mikasa Ackerman by Pulchra
- Armin Arlelt Nendo by GSC
- Levi scale by Union Creative International Ltd
- Mikasa Ackerman scale by Union Creative International Ltd
- Mikasa Ackerman scale by Kotobukiya
This is still going strong, but I'll be flat-out honest: I don't really like any of the figurines. The RAHs are the best in my option, but none of the characters are really sticking in my mind. Ahwell.

Now onto what I'm more interested in!

- Kagamine Rin Senbonzakura ver. scale by FREEing
- Kagamine Len Senbonzakura ver. scale by FREEing
- Kagamine Rin PM Figure by SEGA
- Kagamine Len PM Figure by SEGA
These cannot get in my Kagamine shire fast enough!!!!

- Hatsune Miku Sepang ver. by FREEing
CUTTTEEEE. THOSE BUNS TEMPT ME. If this hits baragin bin and I have the extra cash, I'll might subcome.

- Hatsune Miku PM Figure by SEGA
- Megurine Luka PM Figure by SEGA
- MEIKO PM Figure by SEGA
- KAITO PM Figure by SEGA
Can't afford so many scales? SEGA's got you covered! I'll be passing, but these are great for KAITO and MEIKO fans.

- Hatsune Miku Racing 2014 scale by GSC
- Hatsune Miku Racing 2014 Nendo by GSC
- Hatsune Miku Racing 2014 figma by Max Factory
I'll give it to them: this year's Racing Miku is ADORABLE. I'll be passing as usual though.

- Hatsune Miku Bike ver. figma
This is cute and different. But the bike being seperate? That sucks.

- Hatsune Miku Mikuzukin ver. 1/7 scale
I guess people really like this outfit? It is cute, but not my favorite.

- Hatsune Miku Sakura ver. by Hobby Japan
Very cute, but tiny and is part of a magazine bundle. I'm not huge into pink so easy pass for me.

- Lily scale by Phat Company
I bet this will look nice when it's done. I'm a HUGE fan of Phat's Nendo of her, so this will tempt me, but I'm probably have to pass.

Now to tamper off, the rest of the Festival.

✰figmas by Max Factory✰
- Momoe Nagisa
I have nothing on order for June. This will probably happen. And she had better come with the clown face!

- Chariot
Better late then never, I guess? But after my STR figma gets here, I think I'm done with BRS stuff.

- Femto
- Void
- Conrad
- Slan
- Ubik
While this is cool, scales would be a lot better. And are they going to censor Slan??

- Pyramid Head
- Bubblehead Nurse
- Saber ver. 2.0
- Kusanagi Motoko
- Samus Aran
- Link
I've been so unimpressed with figmas lately, I have no interest whatsoever in any of these.

✰Nendoroids by Good Smile Company✰
- Kinomoto Sakura
Call me when the Cu-Poche comes out. :P

- Suigintou
- Himiko
Love these character designs.

- Kaname Madoka Yukata ver.
No surprise here. Wait for the rest of the characters that will follow.

- Asuna Titania ver.
Her ears look a bit ridiclious. I would like to have the cage though.

- Sonico Bikini ver.

- Solid Snake
.... What?

✰Various Scales✰
- Tenjou Utena by MegaHouse

- Kousaka Kirino by Toy's Works
- Gokou Ruri by Toy's Works

- Sailor Venus Figuarts ZERO by Bandai
Ahhh, my goddess of love~ I hope she's not as expensive as Moon was, because the quality doesn't match the price. I do love this though, but not $100 love.

- Souryuu Asuka Langley Jersey ver. by Alter
Ohman, I love her pouty expression and DAT ASS IS FINE. Please be later in the year and not expensive!

- Kusanagi Motoko by Union Creative International Ltd
My husband might be tempted by this. I'm waiting to see how Udon carries itself as a new company.

- Lum Invader by Kotobukiya
I'm not the biggest Lum fan (I'd kill for a female Ranma though!) I much prefer older anime stuff.

- Akemi Homura by Aniplex
- Akemi Homura Devil ver. by Aniplex
Homura's neck looks broken in the first one. The second might be nice to look at.

- Super Sonico by GSC
- Sonico After the Party ver. by Wings Company
- Soncio Swimsuit ver. by BEAT
- Sonico by CM's Corporation
- Sonico by Vertex
Of course we have to have more Sonico! I have some prizes of Sonico and I'm happy enough with those.

- Super Pochaco Bunny ver. by FREEing
- Super Pochaco Beer Girl ver. by A+
I hate this character. Her proportions are horrible and it just makes me cringe whenever I see figs or art of her. Sonico is realistic, Pochaco is stupid; there I said it.

- Kousaka Kirino Swimsuit ver. by Orca Toys
Maybe it's just me but her face looks REALLY derpy.

- Asuna & Yui by Penguin Parade
This is cute, but it looks kind of empty without Kirito.

- Millia Rage by Wing
Call me when we get a good Jam, kaythanksbye.

- Neko no Wakusei by Embrace Japan
Embrace is a hit-or-miss company. Like the look, but I suggest people wait for a final product before ordering.

- Remilia Scarlet Koumajou Densetsu ver. by Ques Q
- Aliasse by Alter
- Toda Satoshi by Gift
While I love how dynamic these look, but 1/8 is tiny and I'm sure they'll cost an arm and a leg.

- Han Juri by Kotobukiya
- Jason Voorhees by Kotobukiya
- Freddy Krueger by Kotobukiya
More of the Bishoujo line. Juri's face already looks messed up just in the art, so I have no hope for the fig. The other two.... Uh, what? I will be checking for final products just because I'm curious as hell.

- Amazon by empty
Everything from this game scares me. .____.

- Oribe Yasuna and Sonya scale by Phat Company
Gods, I hated this anime so much. HATEHATEHATE.

✰Various Action Figures✰
- Sailor Saturn S.H.Figuarts by Bandai
Wow, they're skipping a lot of characters. o.o

- Asuna Cu-Poche by Kotobukiya
- Sakura Kyouko Cu-Poche by Kotobukiya
- Takanashi Rikka Cu-Poche by Kotobukiya
- Dekomori Sanae Cu-Poche by Kotobukiya
I have to say, after playing with my Kirino Cu-Poche, Nendos are kind of dead to me. I love the style so much more, much more pose-ability, and the quality is nice without the price being ridiculous. While I won't bother with a lot of the announced ones (maaaaaybe Kyouko), I'll be keeping my eye on this line.

- Yaya Nanoricchi by Griffon Enterprises
- Konpaku Youmu Nanoricchi by Griffon Enterprises
- Yagokoro Eirin Nanoricchi by Griffon Enterprises
- Ibaraki Kasen Nanoricchi by Griffon Enterprises
- Leafa Nanoricchi by Griffon Enterprises
Like the look of this line more than Nendos, but it's Griffon, so yeahhhh, I'm a bit wary.

That's it for this post. Looks like I have twelve to keep any eye on (seven for damn sure, five if I can). How bad did your wallets take a hit?


  1. Think my figure-collecting is cooling off now. Not much grabs me.

    Had hoped Griffy would bring out a few more 1/8th Touhou's, but it looks like they're joining the Nendo-clone brigades. Too bad.

    Thanks again for remembering my love of UruseiYatsura by mentioning the Lum fig' (and tagging it to my att'n. elsewhere).


  2. I think part of the issue with people like you and me who aren't having their attention grabbed as much is that THERE'S SO MUCH OF THE SAME THING. I don't give a hoot about "Kan Colle" and I just don't care about any of the "AoT" or "KLK" stuff. That cuts out about half of the announced figs. "Touhou" keeps getting the same characters over and over and unless you're a Miku fan you're SOL for Vocaloid most of the time. And the stuff that does catch my eye is way over-priced.

    But hey, at least we're getting a little bit of older stuff, Lum included. Sadly the Bandai Figuarts ZERO's Moon looks awful and is twice as much as the rest of the line; I'm also betting the rest of the set will be the same. *sad face*