Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Kagamine Rin & Len!

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It's been a year already? I feel as if someone skipped a few months on my calendar. Speaking of which, I'd kill for a Kagamine-only calendar.

To start off, KarenT is holding it's annual special for the twins, featuring eleven new albums.

The twins had a few items that came out this year as well. Here is Rin's search, and Len's here. And for laughs, here's the most recent photo of my Kagamine shelf.

Artists at pixiv have shared their Kagamine drawings for their birthday. You can view them by searching this year's birthday tag. My drawing can be seen here.

This year I wore two different Casual Rin cosplays. Sadly, my default out still needs a new belt and I'd honestly like to re-do the entire thing before I wear it again.

COSPLAY: Casual Rin and Itasha by *bunnychan on deviantART

COSPLAY: Rock It by *bunnychan on deviantART

I'll end with my top favorite Kagamine song of this year, "Electric Angel" by Giga and Orebanana-P. This was featured on both EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalotwinkle and Gigabanana The Best ~USUSHIO Aji~ (both of which I own). While this is a cover the remix, tuning, and video are so adorable, I had this on repeat so much that I think my husband wanted to kill me by the end of the week.

Let's rock it again next year!

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