Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Figurine Review: Hatsune Miku Snow 2013 Nendoroid

With winter slowly coming (at least where I live, the temperature is staying high), I thought it would be a good idea to welcome the colder weather with a white beauty.

Character: Hatsune Miku
Version: Snow 2013 Ichigo Shiromuku ver.
Origin: VOCALOID program
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Category: Nendoroid (#303)
Materials: ABS and PVC
Sculptors: Nendoron and Hidetoshi Seibu
Height: 100mm/3.9in
Retail Price: 3,810yen
Release Date: July 25th, 2013
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This Miku is set out to impress from the get-go, as her box is a piece of art by itself. After taking off the obi, you get images of her on all sides and it opens like a box of chocolates would. There's even a strawberry on the bottom! The pieces inside are packages safely and its easy to locate every piece. Some people have complained about it being hard to open, but I found that its best to let the bottom slowly let itself slide loose by lifting the top off the floor an inch or two. Takes a bit, but no worries about tearing the sides that way.

This is Miku straight out of the box. She has a gentle and mature air about her that her default design lacks. The hair is beautifully sculpted and painted, fading out to pale green at the ends. The snowflake decals on the kimono add a nice break to the solid white, and the red is used just enough to not overpower. The little strawberry tucked in the front is just too cute for words.

But the true star of this design is the hood. It's made to resemble a daifuku sweet and it works; I want to eat her up. If you take the hood apart you see that they left nothing out by making the inside of the hood like a strawberry.

However, the huge hood does case one bit issue; it makes her VERY top heavy. The back of the kimono is made so she can stand up without the aid of the arm stand, but if put in the sitting position, she almost always falls right over if she has no back support. Her sitting position is obtained by using a separate body and one leg from the standing body. It's really cute, but I won't use it often due to the falling issue. I have had her fall over a couple of times since displaying her standing up, so I would not recommend putting her up anywhere where she might fall from a distance.

I do need to note that the kimino is NOT treated for paint transfer. The way the hair sets leads it to rubbing against the kimino, so don't be surprised to see traces of green in various spots after playing with her for a while. I don't really know why they didn't treat it (so much white!!) and that's a huge mistake in my book.

She comes with three faces: one gentle smile (slightly open mouth), a grinning face, and a happy crying face. My personal favorite is the grinning one, as it carries both a cute and mature air to it. Plus, you don't see "V" grins all that often.

If you prefer your traditional Miku style, don't worry, GSC made sure to include Miku's trademark twin-tails just for you. The fading is beautifully done, with white snowflakes decals. If you use them they actually help hold her up very well.

Her main accessory is a VERY nice parasol that could almost be passed off as real if photographed right. The handle is painted
like a piece of a Pocky, a very nice nod to the original sweets theme. She also comes with a toothpick and a daifuku bunny. The bunny stole my heart and I'd probably display it even without Snow Miku. She comes with a standard Nendoroid base, but why use that when could use the red plate base. Granted, it does take up some space, but it looks so nice I can't help but use it.

One last issue is that I felt scared handling her. The hair does have a little bit of a give, but I had to use more force to change out her arms and hands than I felt comfortable doing. Installing the parasol was nothing short of a nightmare because the hand does not want to stay in place and the parasol handle felt like it would take off her hair or the hood side ornament while installing it. Care should certainly be taken while handling her; I won't be changing her display any time soon.

While there were issues leading up to her release (delays and shipping issues) and some flaws, I'm still very happy that I ordered her and think she was worth every penny. Sadly, you'll only find her on the secondary market now, with markup. I would say she's one of the best pieces in my collection, but the lack of paint transfer treatment is a huge letdown. I'm looking forward to next year's Snow Miku and hope the trend of more different Snow designs continue.

On a side note, I did submit a design for the Snow contest. I need to do a full-size drawing of that outfit sometime.



  1. I was a little disappointed in the way the two parts of the hood joined together on mine. They do not fit snug and tight together. Your picture of this same feature shows a similar gap. I guess they're all that way? :-/

  2. Thinking back on it, I should have mentioned that issue; my mistake was doing the write up a couple of weeks after taking photos. Mine has that issue on both sides and looking at other users' photos on MyFig, it appears on a lot them.