Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vocaloid X-mas in August

Thanks to two awesome friends (you guys know who you are!) I was able to snag a bunch of items via group buys, which made the items affordable. Of course, it all started with a single order and it just kind of kept getting added to. ^^; However, I was excited about this large haul I had to share it.

The box itself is rather large and packed with lots of bubble wrap and goodies. Can you identify anything still wrapped?

First up is the largest item, Nendoroid Snow Miku 2013. The box is much heavier than I thought it would be. This one will be my next figurine review.

Next are Nendoroid Petit Rin Append and Len Append. I didn't want the Miku, so yeh for splitting boxes (I am a box lover though, so I like to keep them)! Lottery items are hit or miss for collectors; they can be either easy and cheap to get, or hard and way overpriced. Thankfully, all the lottery items in this haul were easy and cheap! :D

Of course, I ordered "Project Diva F" because they announced that it was getting an English release. So, I'll be selling this so I can pick up the local one.

I own a lot of Pokemon cards, but they're all in boxes for storage, but for some reason I HAD to have this Rin and Len card sleeve set. They're so shiny~

Wahh, so cute! I HAD to have these and thankfully they were super cheap to get. To the left are CHANxCO Rin and CHANxCO Len. To the right Putidevil Rin and Putidevil Len.

More keychains! Both of these were sets with Miku, but, again, I only wanted the blondes. Yumemiru Rin (left) and
Marukunaru Rin and Len (right).

Yukata Rin and Yukata Len. Maybe I own too many keychains/straps? Nahhh.

Rin and Len mobile cleaners and the 2012 Winter Graphig ++ Rin and 2012 Winter Graphig ++ Len. I think most of the Graphig lines looks horrible, but I couldn't pass up getting them for my Kagamine Army.

I love interesting glasses and mugs. I've only started really collecting them and trying not to go crazy. To the left is the CHANxCO glass from this prize set (I didn't want the others). To the right is the Akuno Rin Gozen Yoji ver. mug. The "Akuno" series is my favorite so I had to have it~

CHANxCO clear file and Akuno tote bag. The cuteness will kill me! Miku is on the other side, but whatever, CHIBI KAGAMINES~ And the bag is funny. XD

Random Rakuten find. I love You Ring's art and being able to pick up some of their doujin? YES PLEASE.

Now THIS was a surprise. Apparently my friend picked up the Vocalosensation album and he didn't want the extras so I got them! The Rin is too cute, her bow being icing is to die for.

Here is everything in one jumbled pile. Now here's the real question of the year: WHERE THE HELL AM I GOING TO PUT ALL THIS STUFF? D:


  1. Excuse me, where did you get all that goodies? Mandarake? Ami ami? How can you get the kuji prizes?

  2. They were all bought from various sources, including Animate, Rakuten, AmiAmi, and GSC shop.

    Kuji prizes can be found on second-hand on each sites as Rakuten and Mandarake.