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BC's Reacts: Summer Wonder Festival 2013

Twice a year Wonder Festival happens and our wallets cry bloody tears. I'm here to share my personal thoughts on items that caught my eye.

I will be linking to each item's MFC page, since most of the event photos are personal phone or blog shots.

This year's winner for sheer amount of items period has to be "Shingeki no Kyojin" (also known as "Attack on Titan"). I am a huge fan of the anime and have all available volumes of the manga in English on order. Considering how much this series has exploded in such a short time, it's no surprise that everyone is jumping on the wagon.

✰"Shingeki no Kyojin" figmas by Max Factory✰
- Mikasa Ackerman
- Eren Jaeger
- Levi
- Colossal Titan
Considering that this is an action series, figmas are great idea. However, I'm really limited my figma purchases now, since you no longer get nearly as much for your buck as you used to. I wouldn't be surprised if none of these came with any accessories; I don't count the 3D Maneuver Gear as an accessory, since it's a part of their outfits. I do wonder how large the Colossal Titan will be though.

✰"Shingeki no Kyojin" Nendoroids by Good Smile Company✰
- Mikasa Ackerman
- Eren Jaeger
- Colossal Titan
My previous comment above applies to Nendos as well. Cute, but not very poseable and they just don't really interest me. I do like that the Titan comes with the wall, that's a nice touch.

✰"Shingeki no Kyojin" Scales✰
- Mikasa Ackerman by Good Smile Company
Scales are MUCH more like it. But please, don't let that image be the pose, it's so boring.

- Mikasa Ackerman by Ques Q
Ques Q has some great figs, and the some not so great ones. But they tend to do more interesting poses than GSC, so we shall see.

- Eren Jaeger by Kotobukiya
I may more faith in Kotobukiya doing an action pose, so I will be watching this one for a prototype.

- Levi by Kotobukiya
I do wonder if this Levi will be made as part of a matching pair with Eren.... But I don't really like Levi's design enough to get a figurine of him.

- Levi by Sentinel
Details on the prototype look great, but again, not really into this character enough to be that excited.

- Colossal Titan by Good Smile Company
I wonder what scale they'll mark this as (it sure as hell isn't going to be 1/8, that's over twenty-four feet!). While funny to me, I'm not willing to drop the high price tag I'm sure this will carry.

✰"Shingeki no Kyojin" Other Figs✰
- Mikasa Ackerman RAH by Medicom
Considering that I keep having quality issues with figmas and their rising prices, I'm been giving more thought to "larger toys" and after snagging two RAHs, I am in love with them. So THIS is definitely catching my eye. Even though we've only seen the Gear so far, it looks promising.

- Colossal Titan by Sega
- Rogue Titan by Sega
Okay, THESE are cool. I'm hoping their prizes (most likely) so I can pick up the Rouge one for cheap.

Next I'll talk about Vocaloid items, of which there was no short supply. Thank goodness I'm not a huge Miku fan, as I wouldn't even have a wallet anymore.

✰Senbonzakura 1/8 Scales by FREEing✰
- Hatsune Miku
- Kagamine Rin
- Kagamine Len
It's really cool that KAITO is finally getting shown some scale love. I like the hair dynamics on Miku, but I'll only purchase Rin and Len, of course. I mean, they'll be ADORABLE.

- ✰Tony Taka ver. Scales by Max Factory✰
- Kagamine Rin
- Kagamine Len
I was really hoping to see a prototype but my night was saddened when they never appeared. Ahwell, I know they're coming and this delay should help me with saving for them.

✰Miku, Rin, & Len HappyKuji 2013 Summer ver. Nendoroids✰
- Hatsune Miku Color 1
- Hatsune Miku Color 2
- Kagamine Rin
- Kagamine Len
I will be stalking Mandarake and Rakuten like crazy looking for the Rin and Len. >.> DAMN YOU LOTTERY!!

✰SEGA Figurines✰
- Hatsune Miku Default
- Hatsune Miku Racing 2011 ver.
- Hatsune Miku Racing 2012 ver.
Don't have the cash to thrown down on the those pricey scales? Sega is here to help! I'm loving prizes more and more since they're nice and affordable. These all look great and I'll be very tempted to get the racing ones, pending on release date and available cash.

✰Other Vocaloid Scales✰
- Hatsune Miku 7th Dragon 2020 ver. 1/7 by Max Factory
Probably the most impressive Vocaloid piece, sculpt-wise this event. The hair is especially nice. I know several people who will be running to get her, but I won't be one of them (though I do approve of all the blue).

- Hatsune Miku Racing 2013 ver. by Good Smile Company
I don't like this year's Racing Miku design as much as last year's. Still, this is cute, but I wouldn't be surprised to be a very hair pegs in the final product.

- Yuzuki Yukari 1/7 by Pulchra
Yeh for different more Vocaloid love!

✰Union Creative Figurines✰
- Calne Ca
- Calne Ca Nurse cos ver.

✰Various Action Figurines✰
- Chariot figma by Max Factory
Didn't they say at the Anime Expo huke panel that this would be on display at WonFes? I'm sad it wasn't, as I'm looking forward to how she turns out (much more than her Nendo).

- Casca figma by Max Factory
I wonder if the line will continue after this, since the main characters are done. Zodd figma, anyone? Not interested in them, since the original Guts one was really flimsily.

- Strength TV Animation ver. Nendoroid by Good Smile Company
YES AND YES AND YES. It would be nice if this came with four arms, but after being denied on the figma, I'm not holding my breath.

- Black Gold Saw TV Animation ver. Nendoroid by Good Smile Company
No surprise here. Will pass, since I own the original.

- Link Nendoroid by Good Smile Company
After the Link figma was announced, this was only a matter of time. The toon-style version will work well with the Nendo design, I think.

- Luigi Nendoroid Good Smile Company
This is a bit left field. I'm not a big Mario fan, so pass for me, but if he doesn't come with a ton of accessories, that will be a rip-off.

✰Various Scale Figurines✰
- Panty Anarchy by Orchid Seed
She's painted~! Look at this grin, I love toothy, large, crazy grins, I must have this.

- Sailor Moon Figuarts ZERO by Bandai and Volks
Please be affordable, please be affordable!! I LOVEEEEE the hair and this is my childhood, so how can I say no?? A ridiculous price tag would do it.

- Kaname Madoka 1/8 by Good Smile Company
I feel sorry for Madoka fans. This line should have more interesting poses than the first line, at least.

- Metallica 1/8 by Phat Company
I know nothing about this series or character, but I love this crazy as hell design. I'm also watching Art Spirits' version and if the release date and money is right, I'd love to own one.

- Kurosaki Mea 1/6 by Max Factory
Okay, I'm a sucker for braids. I won't say this doesn't tempt the hell out of me, but I'm still a diehard Lala fan; sorry sexy Mea.

- Cerberus by Max Factory
What is this, I don't even?? Grin, nekomimi, details, sexiness=YES, but the dog hands really turn me off. :/

- Kashiwazaki Sena 1/7 by Max Factory
- Mikazuki Yozora 1/7 by Max Factory
I'm not quite sure what I think of this series as a whole. It has some great moments and then some moments that really tempt me to turn off the TV. That said, no merchandise has really interested me at all, especially Yozora (I hate her so much). Sena looks really sexy though.

- Senjougahara Hitagi by Kotobukiya
- Oshino Shinobu by Kotobukiya
- Oshino Shinobu by Alter
Most of the scales from this series have been pretty interesting. Too bad the anime suffers from being done by Shaft and I was so disgusted by the first season, I don't want to watch any more. I do love Kotobukiya's Shinobu's smile, it's pretty cute. Alter's outline looks pretty simple.

- Kousaka Kirino Wedding Dress ver. 1/7 by Max Factory
- Kousaka Kirino by Griffon Enterprises
I need to a Kirino in my life.... But neither of these, I don't like traditional wedding dresses and Griffon's doesn't really interest me.

- Sonico Cheerleader ver. 1/6 by Orchid Seed
- Sonico Santa Swimsuit ver. 1/7 by Alter
Plenty of Sonico was on display, but I only really liked these two. But Orchid Seed's blows Alter's away. :P

I didn't not even begin to scratch the surface on new items, so be sure to check out this excellent blog list by DEVIL-TAKOYAKI. What items caught your eye?

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