Friday, July 5, 2013

Anime Review: "Oreimo 2" Episode 13

Well, here we are, with the last TV broadcast episode. This was was really interesting.


Young Kyosuke? ADORABLE.

Most of this episode is a flashback, where we get to see exactly how Kirino developed into the person she is today. Originally Kyosuke was a very motivated and confident individual who Kirino strived to catch up to. But as they got older and Kirino continued to improve herself Kyosuke instead became listless. This leads to Kirino starting to dislike her brother and treating him the way we saw in the first season.

We also get to see why Kirino hates Manami so much, and, honestly, I don't blame her. Manami is blunt and to the point and says that Kirino is weird for loving her brother, and also stating she will not "give him back." So the plot thickens.

Besides that, there's also a scene where the younger siblings run into each other, in almost the exact same manner as in the first season's first episode. It's a bit of a sweet moment, and kind of harkens to the idea that they will once again become close.

They use the same slow-motion action and everything.

However, my favorite part, besides the great character development, was getting to see Kirino fall head first into becoming an otaku. I give her a slow golf clap for being awesome and going for what she wants. It's the main reason I'm a huge Kirino fan; I wish more people were as honest about their passions as she is.

I used to do this sort of thing ALL the time. Now I just watch it all out in the open.

But the time this episode ended I was so invested in Kirino's feelings it did make me stop a moment. This series has blown me away in its ability to make you care about the characters. The last time a series did that to me was "AnoHana." There's a difference in a cartoon that knows it's a cartoon and acts like, and one that is a human story that just happens to be a cartoon. While "Oreimo" has it's funny moments it never overrides the realistic take on the characters.

I could go on and on forever about how much I enjoy this series, but for now I'll eagerly await until the web premiere of the final three episodes in August. See you then!

Kirino going incognito in the bookstore while reading an erogame article. YOU GO GIRL!


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