Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Anime Review: "Oreimo 2" Episodes 9 & 10

We get lots of Kuroneko and Ayase this week, but don't fret Kirino fans, as she appears a plenty~



Kuroneko broke the relationship between her and Kyosuke, moves and transfers schools without telling him. I was with Kyosuke the whole time: What the hell is going on??

In an odd twist, he turns to Kirino for "life consoling." He breaks down in tears in front of her and she comforts him with a hug and says she's help him. Of course she first has to give him a neck lock, just to keep things in check. This scene is very heart-warming and shows us the vulnerable side of Kyosuke.

When they locate Kuroneko lots and lots of words are said, until Kuroneko manages to get Kirino to come out and be truthful about her feelings: that she doesn't want her brother dating. In the end, the siblings are at a standstill in terms of relationships, but Kyosuke thinks that all of them becoming truly happy isn't that far off.

Lots of shots used some great angles. This one, for example, conveys Kirino's anxiety.

Watching him lose it over the loss is really heart-wrenching. It's clear he really cares for Kuroneko and anyone who's loved and lost will be hit pretty hard. And how he and Kirino get closer is also very sweet, but I'm still rooting for them to get into a relationship.

This episode really showcases what makes this show great: it's ability to express human emotion. The subtle facial expressions are on parade here. By this point you're really invested in the characters and can't help but root for them each step of the way. Kirino is finally starting to break out of her shell and be honest with herself. At this point I truly don't know how the series will wrap up (which is great, I love it when things aren't predictable).


Just another day with Ayase.

This is a Ayase-heavy episode. That means handcuffs, bad attitudes, and Kyosuke-abuse. I enjoyed how they opened with a "best of" for Ayase's physical abuse of Kyosuke.

The regular opening was made this week's ending and an opening for fake "Meruru" anime was used instead. Very cute.


We get to see how Ayase felt about Kyosuke dating someone and no surprise here, she wasn't too thrilled. This episode made it pretty apparent that she still has the hots for him, though she tries to hide it behind her concern for Kirino.

A basic rundown of the rest of the plot is there's a "Meruru" event going on, Kirino cannot make it due to a modeling gig, so Kyosuke goes to pick her up with hilarious results. I cannot wait to see the uncensored version of the bike they both end up riding.

Yep, this will awesome unedited.

The show name-dropped the singing duo ClariS a few times, which was pretty awesome (in case you don't know, they sang both season's opening). I also laughed about how they didn't show their performance in the show, which was a jab at them never having shown their faces.

I am not an Ayase fan in terms of her as a dating choice for Kyosuke, but I will admit she is entertaining as hell when she shows up. The character herself is just too freaking insane to be good dating material. I do hate that she gets more screen time than Saori, who I just like better. I was happy to see more of the siblings getting along~

The scene in episode ten where the kid comments on the bike the siblings are riding. "She's naked!" XDD



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