Saturday, June 1, 2013

Anime Review: "Oreimo 2" Episodes 7 & 8

Looking back on my past reviews of this series I'm finding that I'm basically just writing up the plots. So this time I'll just give a short plot review and focus more on my thoughts. Kirino doesn't seem to approve though....



Kyosuke and Kuroneko agree to start going out, while everyone is surprised to hear they weren't already dating. Watching Kuroneko offer various things to try and get him to date her was adorable.

What surprises me the most is Kirino and Minami supporting those two. Especially Kirino. Color me not sure what to think.

I really enjoyed when Kyosuke messing with Kirino using the photobooth sticker. I could not stop laughing during the entire scene.

Hey, if I had a sister this hot, I'd do this too.

I love how realistic the relationship is; any teenage boy really would be wondering how soon he could touch his girlfriend's boobs! This one ends with Kuroneko showing off her "date diary" and Kyosuke agreeing to do the things she's written down.



Kyosuke keeps messing with Kirino, heehee. One of the best opening sequences ever. The rest of this episode is basically Kyosuke and Kuroneko dating and interacting. We get to know her younger sisters (Hinata is a riot) and how deeply she cares for Kyosuke.

Getting to see her as "Holy Angel Kamineko" was also adorable. Is it bad that the first thing I notice was the same as Kyosuke: her boobs DID look bigger in that dress!

Tell me more~

Both these episodes had my husband going "Awww" the entire time. The interaction between the two is so awkward but it feels very real. However, the ending were it sets up Kuroneko breaking up with him is so sad. She had mentioned that her ideal world is one where Kyosuke and Kirino get along and Kuroneko feels as if she is getting in the way of that. While I'm rooting for Kirino, that whole setup made me hurt inside. This series keeps blowing me away on how it effects me emotionally. The next episode is going to tear me apart, I just know it.

Kirino listening in on Kyosuke and Kuroneko playing a game. Out of context conversation HO!



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