Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anime Review: "Oreimo 2" Episodes 11 & 12

Things are getting TENSE as we near the conclusion. Only four more to go after these.


Soooo, stripped or plain?

Following a doujinshi I read recently, the Kousaka parents feel as if Kyousuke and Kirino have been getting along too well and the parents declare that Kyosuke must move out on his own and can only come back if he gets an "A" on his college entrance exam. Take note that he's aiming for Toyko University, one of the TOP Japanese schools. Good luck!

Kyosuke quickly gets visitors, mostly uninvited. Kaynako finds an imouto ero-game and flips out because he does have a sister (which makes it even funnier since it was a present from Kirino). However, the real highlight of this episode is the catfight between Kuroneko and Ayase. Talk about some severe tension!

Ohboy. This won't end well.

The fight even takes on a fictional visual, and is making me consider ordering this Ayase figurine. What can I say, that outfit is sexy~ And I'm looking forward to it being unedited on the home release.

One thing that happened was that Kirino promised Kyosuke that if he got an "A" she would do any one thing for him. I believe that is too sweet a setup to NOT take advantage of it later down the road. We shall see.... Especially since Kuronkeo said she would be okay with the siblings having an incestuous relationship if it made them happy. HELLO.

Overall this was an entertaining episode that really moved all the female's feelings forward a few steps. Ayase has made it clear that she is in the mix now and I'm looking forward to how this all plays out in the next episode.



Let the party begin! All the characters gather in Kyosuke's new apartment for a party and to put it bluntly, the sparks fly. Pretty much everyone throws in their candidacy for Kyosuke's affections one way or the other (including Saori!). I do think that he is one of the luckiest guys in the world to have so many hotties fighting over him, but all his problems could be solved by just picking Option C for all of them.

A little side story is people trying to get Kirino and Manami to get along better. Yeahhhh, that's a bit awkward. I do wonder if we'll see to see the "proper fight" that both of them mentioned.

After the dust has cleared Ayase ends up being selected to be the one to help Kyosuke around his apartment while he studies. While we don't see every single day, by the end of it we can see that the two have become closer. Of course, we can't be too serious, so Kuroneko's sister, Hinata, makes an appearance for some laughs.


By the end of the episode, Kyosuke passes his entrance exam, and Ayase lays out a full-on confession. As my husband said, "Thus the Ice-Queen breakith." However, Kyosuke turns her down, saying he cares for someone else. The entire scene is heart-wrenching, since Ayase is laying out her entire heart, a part of her you haven't gotten to see before. Even I felt a little bad for her when says "goodbye."


That's one girl out of the group that is now completely out of the game. I don't think Manami or Kanako have any real chance at all, while Saori's chance is very small. Thus, we're down to Kuroneko and Kirino. I'm wondering if the next episode, the last of the TV broadcast, will have one ending and the the last three (that will be broadcast on the internet) will have a "true" ending. I do wonder if this series will go down the forbidden road or not. Either way I'm super excited!

Ayase's face when she sees Saori for the first time.... PRICELESS.



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