Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Anime Review: "Oreimo 2" Episodes 5 & 6

We have it all this week folks! Dating siblings, Comiket, handcuffs, and cream on the face!

Yep, I called it, Kirino needed Kyosuke to pretend to be her boyfriend. Ah, I can dream it was otherwise, right? Anyhow, a model agency wants Kirino to sign a deal and go out of the country, so instead of just saying "No" she pulls the whole "I'm too in love with my boyfriend to go away." Sure, that makes sense. But I don't really care, since it leads to side-ripping episode.

Looking baller my man.

To make the agency director believe their story, they arrange a date. And this is when the fun really starts. Watching the two of them awkwardly acting all lovey-dovey, ohman, you just have to watch it. Of course they run into various people they know, with the best encounter being Kuroneko; her face is priceless while Kirino keeps up the charade.

However, Kirino isn't impressed by Kyosuke's performance and states that she'll use her real boyfriend next time.

What, what?

Kyosuke explains the situation to Kuroneko, and she drops another hint that she likes him, but he's too torn up inside over whether or not Kirino has a boyfriend or not to notice. After an awkward exchange between the siblings in the house, there should be no confusion on whether or not Kyosuke likes Kirino. I kept yelling, "JUST DO IT ALREADY!" at the screen.

Stop considering it AND JUST F'ING DO IT.

Cut to Summer Comiket. The gang is selling a book they all worked on together, and while things are slow at first, they end up selling out.

While visiting the industry booth for the "Meruru" anime, a strange guy (at least, I THINK it's a guy??) walks up and identifies Kirino. Episode end. I can guess this is Kirino's earlier suggested boyfriend, which I assume is online only. Well, let's jump right to the next one, shall we?

Turns out the guy is a fashion designer named Mikagami Kouki (that explains why he looks so feminine!) that Kirino meet during a photoshoot and they became friends. At the Comiket they both find out that they're otaku but promise to keep it secret from other people. During the conversations, Kyosuke is not thrilled at how close Kirino appears to be with Kouki, and on the other side, Kirino is none too happy to see her brother talking so much to Kuroneko.

The next scene cuts straight to Kyosuke in handcuffs in Ayase's room. Uh, yeah. That girl is freakin' nuts.

Trying explaining this scene by itself to someone.

She actually wanted to question Kyosuke over the photobooth sticker he and Kirino took on their "date" (I have to guess she went through Kirino's things and found it. Creepy). After some crazy eyes and an explanation Ayase finally lets him out of the handcuffs. But when he asks if Ayase knows if Kirino has a boyfriend or not, she freaks out again. That boy will never learn.


Later, while walking to Kyosuke's place for a party to celebrate the group's success at Comkiet, Kyosuke asks Kuroneko if she likes him; she straight ups replies with "Yes." They are interrupted and go inside to meet up with Kirino and Saori, but the party mood is ruined when Kirino announces that she and Kouki are now dating. Kuroneko walks out and the siblings get into a heated argument while Saori can only watch. Kirino says some really, really harsh things to her brother that even ticked me off (and I'm rooting for her!).

Saori tries to encourage Kyosuke. But I can think of is "HAWT."

Afterwards Kirino brings Kouki home and things get pretty tense between the siblings, including some cake tossing. To make a long story short, Kyosuke states that he cannot allow Kouki to date Kirino, since there's no way he can care about her more than he does.

The truth then comes out that the two had faked their relationship, in an attempt for Kirino to get Kyosuke's attention (she's jealous of Kuroneko and Manami). Kyosuke's comforts her while she cries.

You've got some white stuff on your face....

This one ends with Kuroneko asking Kyosuke to go out with her. Oooohhhhh boy! It'll be a real fireworks show when Kirino hears about that!! I swear, this series is just getting better and better with every episode.

When Ayase goes yandere on Kyosuke and he flings himself back to the wall with a look of absolute terror on his face. PRICELESS.



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