Thursday, May 2, 2013

Anime Review: "Oreimo 2" Episodes 3 & 4

Another couple of weeks, another couple of imouto episodes. I am LOVING IT.

Episode three doesn't pull any punches and gets straight to the point: this episode is all about Saori and her past. They start it off with a straight on view of her without the "swirly glasses." Of course, she is HAWT (as is the rule about people who wear those kinds of glasses). I was expecting some sort of a build-up to her face reveal, but hey, that works too.

We learn that Saori was a very weak and shy child (and tiny!), while her sister, Kaori, is extremely outgoing. She gets dragged along to visit her sister's apartment, where she hangs out with her anime otaku friends. We are only really introduced to two others in the group, and only Kanta is really important, as she is the one to teach Saori about the otaku lifestyle. It's also hinted highly suggested revealed that Kanta is the creator of "Maschera," Kuroneko's favorite anime.

I want a pair like these, just because they're dorky as hell.

Time passes and one day Kaori suddenly announces she is getting married and moving overseas. This causes the circle to break apart when everyone drifts away on different life paths. This upsets Saori, who feels as if her sister left her all alone. However, Kanta meets with her one more time and passes on her glasses and her "spirit" to Kaori, to help her change and grow in life.

Thus, Kaori changes in the person we know of today, flannel and all.

Personally, I think she's hotter like this than in her fancy clothes.

The episode ends the main group visiting Kaori at the apartment for her birthday, along with a suprise visit from her sister and the original circle. Oh, and some cosplay. Personally, I think Kyosuke looks pretty baller in his outfit.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode and it's more serious tones. It was nice to actually see Saori get more screentime, as she is one of my favorite characters, and I hope she doesn't dissapear back into the background, though I'm not holding my breath.

Damn, Kuroneko is TINY and damn, Saori is TALL. I still prefer Kirino.

Welcome a new character, and a loli at that! We are treated to Kyosuke walking into the house and seeing both a young girl and Kirino naked. I personally think the punch Kirino laid on him was worth it.


Ria was Kirino roommate while she was in America and she has come to visit. She was also the person who Kirino was only able to outrun once. Kirino admits to Ria being both a rival and a little sister to her. Ria takes a great interest in Kyosuke, even calling him "oni-chan;" this, of course, leads to Kirino calling him a "lolicon" and trying to keep them seperated (jealous much?). This does lead to multiple scenes of misunderstandings between the three, with the bathtub scene being the best.


After Ria asks to go out and do something,Kirino takes her to Akihabara (dragging Kyosuke along as well). Kirino wishes to show Ria the stuff that she loves, since Ria states that she only needs runnning, but is interested in gaining friends and hobbies (though she is clearly bored very easily by Kirino's hobbies).

The climax comes when Ria challenges Kirino to a race, for revenge (the only real reason she came to Japan). As Kyosuke watches, he sees just how much better Ria is than Kirino, and decides to cheer Kirino on; however, he shouts out, "I'm not a lolicon! I'm a siscon!" Opps.

Kirino loses anyway and Ria leaves. But before the episode ends, Kirino asks Kyosuke for a favor: to be her boyfriend. WHATTT? I'm sure it's more of a "I need to pretend to have a boyfriend" scenrio, but it still made me happy.

Now if only Kirino would be this aggressive...

The misunderstanding scenes made this episode. The growing realtionship between the siblings is also starting to make things a bit more tense. However, the animation took a slight bump down this time around; there were some awkward and less detailed scenes than normal, but nothing that really took anything away overall (I'm sure I'm one of only a few people who actually noticed). But I believe the panty shots more than made up for that.


The bathtub scene in episode four and Kyosuke's reaction to Ria walking in on him, fully nude. That is one dynamic pose, my man.



  1. You're not the only one noticing the reduction in animation quality in season 2. And, it's gratifying to see that my observation was not in error.

    Great to see Saori's lovely green eyes, but I thought her "reveal" (and back-story) could have been done over the course of several episodes, instead of all-at-once in one ep'. I blame this on cost-cutting, too.

    1. Ohgood, so my eyes aren't completely going on me. Sometimes it's hard to tell, if I'm watching something from my laptop on my HD TV, and that can make some video appear "off." But yeah, I also notice some of the smallest details (or the stupid ones, as Shin likes to say).

      Sadly, we only have thirteen episodes to wrap EVERYTHING up, so I'm not surprised by Saori only getting one episode. I'm really curious on if they'll do multiple endings this season. I've stayed away from any info on the light novels so the anime won't be spoiled for me, but it's really down to either Kirino or Kuroneko. But unless they pull a "we're not actually related," Kyosuke will end up with Kuroneko. I wish it would be Kirino (and as siblings).