Wednesday, April 24, 2013

UTAU Ranking 2012 SP Part 5

Finally, we've made it to the top three original songs. Who do you think made the cut?

✰Original #3✰
[9th MMD Cup Final Selection] Kizamuyo [Ramen Timer] by rico
The English title of this is "Let's Mince" and it's basically about making ramen (as far as I can tell, I cannot find a full English translation). It's wacky, a little creepy, and dammit, catchy as hell. Once you start watching you can't help but keep doing so to see what the hell is going to pop up next.

✰Original #2✰
[Kasane Teto] Inochi Mijikashi Koise yo Otome [Original PV] by Death Ohagi & yurahonya-P
YouTube video with English Subtitles
This is one of the songs commission for Teto's first official album, "0401 - The Best Days of Kasane Teto" (which I WILL eventually review). I've always loved Death Ohagi, so mix that with yurahonya-P's tuning of Teto and I'm in love. I also like how the fast pacing of the song does not match the super-sad (and true) lyrics. I can't say anything bad about this song.

✰Original #1✰
Kasane Teto Original Song "Yoshiwara Lament" by Asa
Youtube video with English Subtitles, sung by Yamai
Okay, this completely deserves the number one spot. Ever since this came out, I have no been able to stop looping it, much to my poor husband's ears. The music, lyrics, movie, and mydeargods the TUNING. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I cannot praise this song enough. *goes off to loop it again for an hour*

Ending Songs
1: 【波音リツ】スターライダー【オリジナル曲】
2: 【重音テト】海にまだ居る【オリジナル】
3: 【UTAUオリジナル】Regret Diagram【健音テイ】
4: 【重音テト】オリジナル曲「ムーンライター」を歌わせてみた

The final video lists a lot more videos than what was covered in the main countdown, so please take the time to check some of them out.

2012 was a great year for UTAU. The Weekly UTAU Ranking was combined with the VOCALOID Ranking, allowing UTAU to be exposed to a new and larger audience. There was also the release of the first two official UTAU albums, which I hope is only the beginning.

Feel free to discuss your own personal picks or anything UTAU in the comments~

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