Monday, April 1, 2013

Fig Jargon: April 2013

I actually don't have anything on order this month. Which turned out to be good, considering how many other bills I have. >.>

Item: Suminoe Ako and Suminoe Riko 1/7 PVC
Series: "Kissxsis"
Company: Griffon Enterprises
Price: 7,800yen each
Ako MyFig link, Riko MyFig link.
Ohman, I want these SO BADLY. I'm crossing my fingers on them hitting the bargain bin and me having some extra cash at the same time. Since this is Griffon, there's always the high chance of a re-release later.

Item: Dead Master TV Animation ver. Nendoroid
Series: "Black★Rock Shooter"
Company: Good Smile Company
Price: 4,286yen
MyFig link.
I made a decision back when the first "BRS" TV version Nendos and figmas hit the stores that I would only buy Chariot and STR, mainly because I already had the originals and needing to save some of my wallet. I'm kind of glad I did that too, since the price for DM and Chariot made me cry and it really scares me about what STR's Nendo will be going for....

Item: Akemi Homura 1/8 PVC
Series: "Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica"
Company: Gift
Price: 9,333yen
MyFig link.
I love the different style on this one. Too bad I'm not a Homerun fan (or good, depending on my wallet).

Item: Original character PVC
Series: Based on an illustration by Urushihara Satoshi
Company: CM's Corporation
Price: 8,800yen
MyFig link.
I love Urushihara's art and I love this. I may be the only person who thinks it looks good though. :/

Item: Hacker 1/7 PVC
Series: "7th Dragon 2020"
Company: Max Factory
Price: 9,333yen
MyFig link.
Longgggg limbs. I love it. Ahhh, so much want.

Item: Nadia 1/7 Cold Cast Statue
Series: "Fushigi no Umi no Nadia"
Company: Aizu Project
Price: 14,800yen
MyFig link.
Re-release. Ahhh, a classic. This was originally released in 2006, so this is a bit of a shocker. Very nice.

Item: Shinguji Sakura CharaGumin 1/8 garage kit
Series: "Sakura Taisen"
Company: Volks
Price: 14,000yen
MyFig link.
Another classic. I'm loving this line, but I really, really want the Lime. D:

Item: Ganessa Roland Sexy ver. 1/4 PVC
Series: "Freezing"
Company: FREEing
Price: 16,952yen
MyFig link.
We had another 1/4 "Freezing" girl last month, so have another! I really prefer Rana though, just because of the design. Still, it looks great.

Item: Sigrid of the thorn PVC
Series: Origial character based on an illustration by Soushi Hirose
Company: Embrace Japan
Price: 10,000yen
MyFig link.
A friend of mine pre-order this because he has a thing for witches. I'll have to see how she turns out, because I own Embrace's Diabolus Ungulate and while I love her, she isn't nearly as detailed as the prototype. My husband had Duram Sherif on pre-order, but we canceled after seeing final product photos (so many seams, bad fitting, and the hair color was horrible). I hope this one turns out good.

Item: Yagyu Jubei Hakugin no Kenki ver. 1/8 PVC
Series: "Hyakka Ryouran"
Company: Alter & Hobby Japan
Price: 9,333yen
MyFig link.
I like girls with animal ears. And this one has the girl showing up her panties. Niiiice. I didn't snag her during the pre-oder period though, so no-go.

Item: Kanzaki Kaori 1/8 PVC
Series: "To Aru Majutsu no Index II"
Company: Penguin Parade
Price: 8,800yen
MyFig link.
No idea who this character is, but I love how it looks. Blue jeans on a hot girl is sexy as hell; not really a fan of cowbou boots though.

Item: Asagiri Youko PVC
Series: "Genmu Senki Leda"
Company: Griffon Enterprises
Price: 7,600yen
MyFig link.
Re-release. I just like how this looks. I've seen it for super-cheap and I want, but can't allow myself to hit the buy button. >.>

Item: Sexual Police 1/7 PVC
Series: Original character, based on an illustration by Tatami
Company: Native
Price: 8,571yen
MyFig link.
Gotta love Native, they release so much sexy. One day I will own one of those.

Item: Takamura Yui 1/7 PVC
Series: "Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse"
Company: Kotobukiya
Price: 8,800yen
MyFig link.
Sexy girls in armor? Yes please! I love the face plates and the boots~ Wanntttt.

Item: Altina Mel Sylphis 1/8 PVC
Series: "Shining Blade"
Company: Kotobukiya
Price: 6,800yen
MyFig link.
I like blue. I like bows. I like girls. Thus, I like this. If I had the cash....

Item: Kanu Unchou Sleeping ver. 1/6 Cold Cast Statue
Series: "Ikki Tousen"
Company: Kurushima
Price: 19,000yen
MyFig link.
Ohhey, another Kanu! This is pretty looking, but dat price tag.

Item: Kousaka Tamaki Special Edition 1/6 PVC
Series: "To Heart 2"
Company: BEAT
Price: 9,200yen
MyFig link.
If we have a Kanu, we have to have a Tamaki as well. Not bad.

Item: Akiyama Nozomi 1/7 PVC
Series: "se・Kirara"
Company: Max Factory
Price: 7,429yen
MyFig link.
I don't know this game series, but I do love the uniform designs. Not enough to buy though.

Item: Asuna 1/8 PVC
Series: "Sword Art Online"
Company: Griffon Enterprises
Price: 7,980yen
MyFig link.
I do need to watch this show as I like this design. Too bad this is a Griffon piece, so pass for me.

Item: Lili 1/7 PVC
Series: "Tekken Tag Tournament 2"
Company: Kotobukiya
Price: 6,800yen
MyFig link.
Ughhhhh, looks like another Bishoujo fail (the faces!!!). I know they resculpted the head, but the photos don't really show any big differences. I don't trust this line at all.

So what figurines are you looking forward to this month?

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