Friday, April 19, 2013

Anime Review: "Oreimo 2" Episodes 1 & 2

Most of the time I tend to wait until a series is finished airing before I watch it. That's mainly because my husband and I like to marathon series, especially when we're really enjoying it. However, there was one show this season we were looking forward to so much that we couldn't wait. Of course I'm talking about the second season of "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai."

The first episode picks right up after the "true end" route of the first season. Kirino is back home and we get reintroduced to all the characters and some flashbacks (the most important being Kuroneko kissing Kyosuke).

World's smallest cans?

You'd think life has pretty much returned to normal, but Kyosuke feels as if the relationship he built with his sister last season has disappeared, since she's been ignoring him and not demanding any life counseling sessions.

That is until Kirino drags him to Akihabara for a massive shopping spree. Got to make up for lost time!

If I ever hit the lottery, this is totally happening.

That pretty much sums up the first episode. This season starts off gently rolling you back into the world, but it isn't so full of recap that I would suggest skipping the first season. If you had not seen that, you would miss a lot of little jokes and how deep some of the character's personalities and quirks run. So if you feel a little lost during this, I would suggest a re-watch of the first season.

Now episode two is where the fun really starts.

Ayase, Kirino's yandere lesbian friend, is super jealous that Kirino is obsessed with a new dating game called "Love Touch" (which is clearly parodying "Love Plus," a super popular game that is known for people getting obsessed with the lead females). She threatens asks Kyosuke to help her.

Can you imagine what will happen when they DO create a game just like this??

Kyosuke then fakes being interested in the game to get Kirino to talk to him about it. He mentions that she shouldn't ignore her real-life friends, to which she agrees, but insists that he borrow the game so she isn't tempted to play it (and so they can both discuss the game).

Of course, Kyosuke becomes a complete addict.

Then then tries to get Ayase to "understand" and "copy" the game's lead female, Ayaka, to win Kirino back. This entire exchange was just freakin' hilarious and I had to rewind it for additional laughs.

Practicing yoga?

The episode ends with Ayase trying to act like Ayaka in front of Kirino, which does badly in two ways: 1) Ayase played the yandere route(!), and 2) Kirino finds it creepy. She runs off crying and Kirino chases after her, all while Kyosuke and Manami watch from nearby.

This episode shows why I love this series so much. Each character has awesome traits that make each of them unique and entertaining. Mix them all up in a bowl with great animation, music, and character designs and you get an excellent series. I'm hoping it keeps this same pace until the end.

Definitely Kirino leaning to the side while playing a dancing game, attempting to peek up the girl's skirt. Don't try to tell me you don't do that too.


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