Friday, February 1, 2013

Fig Jargon: February 2013

I actually have no figurines on order for this month (not counting Velvet, due to delays). In an effort to save more money I've really cut back on my spending. I'm trying to focus only on Kagamine items if I can (but, ohoh, I am so ordering this year's Snow Miku).

Item: Kousaka Tamaki Provocative ver. 1/4 PVC
Series: "To Heart 2 DX Plus"
Company: Kotobukiya
Price: 12,800yen
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I own the ice cream version and I love it to death. If I had the cash I would have ordered this version, but alas, I did not.

Item: Kousaka Kirino 1/8 PVC
Series: "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai"
Company: Clayz
Price: 8,000yen
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Matching Kuroneko. These are cute! I adore the faces (just want to pinch their chubby cheeks~) and the movement in the sculpt. Would get if I could.

Item: Ultimate Madoka figma
Series: "Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica"
Company: Max Factory
Price: 4,571yen
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Ahhh, more Madoka. Good thing I'm not that crazy about the series, lots of money saved that way.

Item: Miki Sayaka Movie ver. 1/8 PVC
Series: "Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica"
Company: Good Smile Company
Price: 7,429yen
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See above. SAVING MONEY.

Item: Bubblehead Nurse 1/6 PVC
Series: "Silent Hill 2"
Company: Gecco and Mamegyorai
Price: 9,333yen
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Oh man, this looks amazing. <33

Item: Gon Freecss G.E.M. PVC
Series: "Hunter x Hunter"
Company: MegaHouse
Price: 6,800yen
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Ahh, the (late) '90's. I haven't actually seen or read any of this series, though I hear it's good. Should probably do that one day. This figurine just looks great.

Item: Sazanka Bianca Excellent Model 1/8 PVC
Series: "Aquarion Evol"
Company: MegaHouse
Price: 7,400yen
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I don't even know this character, but she looks like fun! I love it just because it's ridiculous.

Item: Takamachi Nanoha Swimsuit ver. 1/6 PVC
Series: "Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force"
Company: Alpha Max
Price: 7,400yen
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Simple, yet nice. This is just a beautifully balanced figurine all around.

Item: Kashiwazaki Sena Monster Hunter ver. 1/8 PVC
Series: "Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai"
Company: Griffon Enterprises
Price: 7,980yen
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I love this outfit, but I'm not a big enough fan to buy this.

Item: Sakuya -Mode:Crimson- 1/6 PVC
Series: Shining Blade
Company: Kotobukiya
Price: 12,000yen
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Very nice, I love the design. But too pricey for me.

Item: Yuki Mori Submarine Suit ver. 1/8 PVC
Series: "Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199"
Company: MegaHouse
Price: 7,000yen
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I guess most people would call these new designs "updates" but I prefer Matsumoto's originals. That's not to say that looks bad or anything, it just feels a little lacking to me.

Item: Chitanda Eru 1/6 PVC
Series: "Hyouka"
Company: Kyoto Animation
Price: 8,571yen
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Haven't seen this series, so maybe I would actually like this if I watched it. Right now it looks like she's in adult underwear to me (yes, I know those are bloomers, I even own a pair, but it really looks like a diaper).

Item: -Iron Princess- Duram Sherif Darkness ver. PVC
Series: Original character
Company: Embrace Japan
Price: 10,000yen
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I had the original variant on order until I saw final product images and was horrified. This repaint just looks awful.

Item: Jaycee/Julia Chang 1/7 PVC
Series: "Tekken Tag Tournament 2"
Company: Kotobukiya
Price: 6,800yen
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Okay, I know a lot of the Bishoujo Statues look bad, but this one takes the cake. The butt is the only decent looking area. Her face is a train wreck. From the side she looks like she has a HUGE lower lip. >.>

Item: Kousaka Tamaki Vacation ver. 1/6 PVC
Series: "To Heart 2"
Company: Griffon Enterprises
Price: 7,400yen
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Re-release. I like Tamaki just based on the fact that she has meat and that hair (I really need to watch "To Heart"). I even own one figurine of her's. But this one.... This one scares me. Every time it's appeared at a show, she's leaning. Badly. Oiboy.

Item: Cattleya 1/6 Polystone Statue
Series: "Queen's Blade"
Company: Q-six
Price: 16,800yen
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All I can say is "BOOBIES."

So what figurines are you looking forward to this month?


  1. Hunter X Hunter is good! Read it! :D The latest anime series is a terrible adaptation!

    1. Add another series to the overly long list I have to read. ^^;