Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fig Jargon: October 2012

Looks like Griffon is re-releasing several "Touhou" figs this month, including some PVCs of the Scarlet sisters (some of which I own~). If you've been wanting some of those, I'd suggesting placing an order at AmiAmi.

Item: Knee Socks SIF EX PVC
Series: "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt"
Company: Yamato
Price: 11,800yen
MyFig link.
THIS was order wham-bam-thankyou-ma'am as soon as my husband saw it. I really, really hope this doesn't get delayed!! Also Yamato, Scanty when?

Item: Honma Meiko 1/8 PVC
Series: "Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai"
Company: Alter
Price: 8,800yen
MyFig link.
When my husband saw this it was ordered without a second thought. The base really makes this piece. Someday I'll get around to reviewing my Premium Edition DVD/Blu-ray copy of this show....

Item: Tomoe Mami SQ Prize PVC
Series: "Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica"
Company: Banpresto
Price: Has no set price as a prize item
MyFig link.
If I can manage to snag her at HLJ SHE IS MINE. Damn, she sold out fast....

Item: Masterpiece of Kuchu Yousai N°2 - Normal Ver. 1/7 PVC
Series: "Shinobi Scepter Ichigo"
Company: Aoshima
Price: 7,800yen
MyFig link.
I was going to order this until I saw moeyo's review; ohgod she looks HORRIBLE. I'll be waiting for final product reviews for this one. It's a shame, I really like her.

Item: Chibi Lina Inverse CharaGumin Garage Kit
Series: "Slayers"
Company: Volks
Price: 4,800yen
MyFig link.
Damn you Volks, damn you! I want so many of their CharaGumin GKs, since I'm a HUGE 90's anime fan.

Item: Kotegawa Yui 1/7 PVC
Series: "To LOVEru"
Company: Orchid Seed
Price: 8,286yen
MyFig link.
I love this series so much~ I own one fig of Lala, my favorite character, but I'd love to have more. This looks nice cast-offed, but her waist seems rather tiny. While I don't mind Yui, I'd rather wait for a new Lala (I hate she's been made a minor character in the new series /~-~\).

Item: Sonico Nendoroid
Series: "Nitro Super Sonic"
Company: Good Smile Company
Price: 3,333yen
MyFig link.
I was offered a spot for a group order for her, but I had to pass due to moneies. *cries*

Item: Kousaka Kirino 1/8 PVC
Series: "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai"
Company: Kaitendoh
Price: 8,000yen
MyFig link.
I love "Oreimo" but I ended up selling all my Nendos and figmas for some quick cash some time back. If I ever got a scale it would be of Kirino in her casual clothes but the price for this size and pose is too damn high.

Item: Sayame PVC
Series: "Qupita Qupitos ~ Gikyoku Torikago no Shoujo ~"
Company: Cafe Reo and Questioners
Price: 9,524yen
MyFig link.
Now THIS is different. I love how amazing this looks and I would probably pick this up if it ended up in the bargain bin, because the price honestly scares me away.

Item: Riela Marcellis Moekore Plus 1/8 PVC
Series: "Senjou no Varukyuria 3: Unrecorded Chronicles"
Company: Volks
Price: 8,500yen
MyFig link.
I know nothing about this series, but DAMN this looks nice. Pass though.

Item: Ignis Endless Winter ver. 1/7 PVC
Series: "Jingai Makyo"
Company: Orchid Seed
Price: 11,810yen
MyFig link.
This one has been in the works for a while. Another series I'm not familiar with, but I love this character's design. The promo pics of her cast off look AMAZING (I love a girl with some actually meat on her) but I easily said "pass" when saw the price tag, especially since I'm not a fan of white dresses.

Item: Iihara Nao 1/8 PVC
Series: "Resort BOIN"
Company: Chara-Ani
Price: 6,648yen
MyFig link.
Considered because the girl is fleshy, but pass again.

Item: Shizuno Izumi 1/7 PVC
Series: "Se Kirara"
Company: Max Factory
Price: 7,429yen
MyFig link.
I adore these uniform designs!! I would love for this visual novel to get an American release just because of the uniforms. Maybe an anime at least??

Item: GUMI Figuloid
Series: VOCALOID program
Company: Exit Tunes
Price: 3,333yen
MyFig link.
I thought about ordering this, but it just looks a little off to me; I think it's her body. I LOVE the eyes though.

Item: ER Doctor Mika 1/6 PVC
Series: Original character
Company: Kaitendoh and Lechery
Price: 12,000yen
MyFig link.
HELLO NURSE. Sorry I had to. I prefer the darker colors in this version over the other. It's nice, but not HAVETOHAVE nice.

Item: Samurai Student Style ver. 1/7 PVC
Series: "7th Dragon 2020"
Company: Max Factory
Price: 9,333yen
MyFig link.
Just love the style, sexysexy legs~ I thought about ordering her, but I passed due to money.

Item: Nagisa Kaworu G.E.M. PVC
Series: "Neon Genesis Evangelion"
Company: MegaHouse
Price: 7,140yen
MyFig link.
Re-release. I've watched "Evagelion." I enjoyed it (Asuka is cute) but I hate very single male character in that series. Blah on you Kaworu.

Item: Nanako Blue School Swimsuit ver. PVC
Series: "To Heart 2 Another Days"
Company: Orchid Seed
Price: 6,476yen
MyFig link.
This is just too adorable. DAT FACE. Quick, I need to stop looking so I don't impulse buy!!

Item: Hibari 1/8 PVC
Series: "Senran Kagura"
Company: Phat Company
Price: 6,476yen
MyFig link.
Ughhhhh, want. That smile is begging me....

Item: Link figma
Series: "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword"
Company: Max Factory
Price: 3,619yen
MyFig link.
When the unpainted prototype came out for this my husband and I had high hopes, but then the painted images came out and we weren't too happy. He just looks really flat and lifeless.

Item: Saber Triumphant Excalibur ver. 1/7 PVC
Series: "Fate/Stay Night"
Company: Good Smile Company
Price: 9,333yen
MyFig link.
Re-release. I can say I'm not in the Saber fandom, having never seen any of the "Fate" series, but I know this character is super popular (people rage about Miku, how about the sheer amount of Saber?). While it looks nice, the price isn't so much, and I'm not really interested at all.

Item: Saber Lily 1/8 PVC
Series: "Fate/Unlimited Codes"
Company: Gift
Price: 9,333yen
MyFig link.
Is this a month of re-releases or what?? Here's another one for you and while I like the design a LOT better than the one above, still not interested.

Item: Black Magician Girl 1/7 PVC
Series: "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters"
Company: Kotobukiya
Price: 6,800yen
MyFig link.
How about one more re-release for you? This will be this item's third! This figure is so sexual without actually showing anything it is rather fascinating. Too bad I don't like "Yu-Gi-Oh."

So what figurines are you looking forward to this month?


  1. ugh, the dread month is here. Had a preorder for Yui but cancelled it. Got an order in for that Ignis without even really seeing more than that initial shot, when I saw moeyo's preview pics of her, I absolutely could not cancel her. So many things got pushed into this month, it's not even funny. Altogether, my order this month is going to total close to around the $1k mark, QQ

    1. I saw where so many people were crying about October's total (I saw one guy say it was over $3,000!!). We've been really scaling back on our purchases, so I actually have nothing for next month. *lagasp* But what's going to kill me in October is the shipping, since I'm pretty damn sure both Knee Socks and Menma will have to go via EMS, plus I have three more items from last month sitting in my Private Warehouse.

      Btw, you need to log in and update your MyFig account~!

    2. thanks for reminding me, I forgot to update this past month's additions.

      November was looking pretty uneventful for me, then a new Kanu ( ) appeared. I'm such a fanboy for her, even though the fig is kinda plain, I still gotta have her.

  2. I love MyFig, it really helps keep things in line.

    I did see that Kanu and I won't say that I'm not tempted, but I can't. >.>