Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BC's Trip to Toronto

So recently I hopped on a plane and went out to Toronto, Canada. This was my first time both on a plane and going out of the country.

While I didn't really have time to run around and see a lot of sites, I did get to a little and snapped a few photos with my cellphone.

But first, flying. I'll be honest, I was so nervous I thought I was going to pass out a few times. When the plan took off it felt like I was riding in my turbo-charged Subaru, except the torque never let up. For my first trip I couldn't take my face off the window, it was so amazing and beautiful.

When I checked into my hotel, I got the top floor, so I had a nice view (of a highway, lol).

It was kind of pretty at night, though.

For my first trip into downtown Toronto I took a taxi, but that cost an arm, a leg, and an ear, so thankfully people were kind enough to tell me which routes to take on the subway and bus, which I was able to take for $3. Sadly, I accidentally got off two miles away from my hotel the first day and had to the walk the length in heels. Ouch. >.>

I didn't get to do much of anything that first day, as I was out late, but on the second I did get some time to walk around the city a little (my feet were really sore from the day before, so I had to cut it off after a couple of hours).

There's a system of tunnels under the city that connect most of it together; I was super shocked to discover a mall when I randomly when down one escalator. Most of the buildings around the area had entrances like below, very fancy (and completely hiding that a mall was right down the stairs ten feet away).

After exploring the underground mall for a bit (aka, I walked around and didn't go into any stores), I went back up and walked on the streets.

What amazed me the most there was the sheer SIZE of the buildings. I've seen tall buildings, but some of the ones there made them look two feet tall.

There was some kind of building hidden behind gate and lots of trees, but it was pay-to-enter, so all I got a photo of was the gate entrance.

I ran across Old City Hall, which was a beautiful building and stuck out among even similar architecture.

There was a homeless guy (I'm guessing anyway) laying on a sheet of cardboard in nothing but a speedo before the Hall sign. O.o

The building below was VERY funky but there was a lot of construction going on around it, so I was unable to get closer and find out exactly what it was.

Despite all the neat architecture my favorite thing I saw was a guy with a handlebar mustache playing bagpipes; you just can't beat that.

On my way back to the underground mall to get to the subway I find a new corner to explore, which led me a hotel lounge....

....with a freaking WATERFALL.

This blew my mind and I found my way out to it. It was so beautiful and calming, I ended up finding a seat and spent over an hour there, listening to the water and watching the birds play.

Finally, I made it back to my hotel room. The next day my flight didn't leave until late evening, so I headed to nearby mall. Not much was special there (I didn't even buy anything except a bottle of water) but there was a ferris wheel at the entrance. Okay?

Surprise, surprise, my flight got delayed, thus making it impossible to catch my connecting flight, so I ended up spending the night at the airport. Very uncomfortable chairs, by the way. However, walking around I did run into a random container of water, clear rubber squares, and glitter all being tossed around by water jets.

After a long (and sleepless night) I was on a plane at 6:20am, finally heading home.

Overall, it was an interested experience and I wouldn't mind visiting again, but perhaps when I have more more personal time to explore.

Oh, and I have found I am in love with poutine.


  1. Very awesome, Bunny! Why did you have to go north of the border??

    1. Personally reasons. I'll fill you in next time you catch me on AIM.