Saturday, July 7, 2012

New "Sailor Moon" Anime and What It Means to Me

Anime News Network reported yesterday that a new anime for the "Sailor Moon" franchise was announced for summer 2013. I have a few geeky words to say about this news.

Being able to grow up in the nineties was the last HURRAY for the last generation, in my opinion. That was before the internet and social media took over the younger generation's lives, making them data zombies. I used to entertain myself by lots of reading, drawing, and watching cartoons. I used to watch up early every Saturday morning to watch the new cartoons, to such an extreme that I often refused to go on trips if it meant missing a new episode of one of my favorite shows.

Long before I knew what anime really was, I was watching it on television. Of course, this included DiC's adaption of "Sailor Moon." I can safely say that "Sailor Moon" helped launch my love for Japanese animation. While many people like to hate and spit on DiC's take, I actually found it enjoyable for what it was. Back then, anime WAS often adapted for an American audience and there wasn't usually an option to see an unedited version (actually, this applies to most foreign media at the time). This was a simple fact of life, so I enjoyed what I could.

Nowadays I prefer to watch the original version of any and every thing I watch or read, but sometimes fond memories make me put in my old English "Sailor Moon" music CDs; and yes, I still know the words to every. Single. Song.

So skip forward to this year. "Sailor Moon" is turning twenty. I suspected some sort of celebration, mostly in new merchandise, so a brand new anime series was a huge surprise for me (of course, new merchandise will come of this!). I am also happy to hear of their plans to release the series worldwide simultaneously, though that is most likely via streaming options. An actual distribution licensing is still up in the air.

I am super excited to how how they bring a twenty year old series up to modern expectations. I don't think they really need to mess with the original formula. The characters have great personalities, the uniforms are iconic, and the base monster-a-week formula is classic. I'm guessing the art style will be slightly updated (hopefully to the level that "Stars" maintained most of the time), we'll see more flashy transformations and attacks, and an updated soundtrack. I really hope they don't try to change it to be "moe," which would ruin the feel of the original series. I do know that some characters will get new voice actors, so I hope the new ones can bring something fresh and new to their characters, yet retain the feel of the old.

One thing is for sure: The new series has a lot to live up to. And I, for one, cannot wait.


  1. I really want this potential reboot to do well too. THey surely have a lot to live up to as far as the original anime is concerned.

    Can't wait to find out more now!

    1. Ohyeah. You know we'll be talking about it together like crazy. ^^v

  2. Sailor Moon was also my first anime series, and the one that got me into anime. It means a lot to me and I still try to collect merchandise when I can find it for a reasonable price (mostly Sailor Jupiter related goods), so I was very excited by this news. :3

    I'm also hoping it doesn't turn into something entirely different from the original. I'd be disappointed if they made the animation to target a younger audience (basically, if they turned it into a Pretty Cure - not that I dislike Pretty Cure, but it's clearly made for a different audience than Sailor Moon was). And yes, any push to turn it more "moe" would just ruin the feeling of the series for me as well.

    Anyhow, I can't wait to see how this is going to look!

    1. The fact that the Kodansha and Takeuchi themselves made the announcement instead of an animation studio gives me hope that they will be involved with the actual project. I know Takeuchi was upset with some of the original anime differences so maybe they're going to listen to her input? At this point though, its too early to say anything is for sure.

  3. Oh I love that Sailor Venus Gashapon! It's my favorite anime too, Sailor Moon was shown here when I was just 10 years old and I'm so glad its being shown again after 18 years!