Friday, July 20, 2012

Anime Review: Upotte!!

The "Upotte!!" anime is an original net animation (ONA) series based on the manga by Tennouji Kitsune. Lets "shoot in" and see what I think about this slightly-odd series about anthropomorphized guns.

Yes, I said "anthropomorphized guns." That means that in this school, Seishou Academy, every student is actually a gun (most of them being females, of course). The school is broken into the standard three sections: elementary school (submachine guns), middle school (assault rifles) and high school (battle rifles) classes.

The majority of the story focuses on the middle school. Below are the main characters (from left to right): Funco (FN FNC), Ichiroku (M16A4), Sig (SG 550), and L (L85A1).

While the series may be about cute girls it also contains a plethora of information about guns. This includes explaining the origins, evolution, and even mechanics of most of the guns featured, switching back and forth from detailed drawings to cute renditions.

Theres also a running gag about Funco having to wear a thong because her stock is a skeleton stock; mention it and you WILL be shot. I also love that the girls actually have MEAT on them; yummy~

The eye catchers in some episodes feature a gun and all its basic information (including, of course, the cute girl attached to it).

The show itself is enjoyable to watch. If you like cute girls and guns (especially together), you will be in HEAVEN. The characters are all likable and the designs are great (including some animal girls in the later half). And of course there is fanservice; I mean, how can you say no to a girl cleaning a gun in her underwear?

Theres also Sako (SAKO Rk 95 Tp), a psychotic blonde with elf ears. I do so love psychotic blondes, yes I do.

I also developed a soft spot for L, the L85A1. They explain that the gun has a history of being a dud and, basically, more trouble than its worth. L breaks a lot and is constantly out of class for repairs. But the poor girl tries so damn hard you can't help but go "awwww" whenever something happens to her. Below is a screenshot showing everyone's reactions right after her history was explained; Funco's expression is pretty much how I felt.

The storyline and animation are pretty good, but don't expect anything epic. Its cute and consistent, which is great. There is use of CG mainly for the moving bullets, but since they are moving the CG doesn't look too out of place. The voice acting is perfect and really moves the story along. There are some things that are not explained that I do wonder about, such as "HOW are these girls guns?," "Will they ever age?," "Where the hell do their guns come from?!" Seriously, they just go POP HERE WE ARE. These kind of questions don't make the series unenjoyable and its probably me just over-thinking things.

Would I recommend this? Oh yes. I will also be buying this when it is released physically by Sentai Filmworks. If you want to check it out now you can still check out the series on CrunchyRoll.


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