Friday, June 1, 2012

Monthly UTAU Ranking 2012.04

I was encouraged by AdventSora on YT to continue covering UTAU and Vocaloid in some way after I left the Vocaloidism blog. While I can no longer do the Weekly Rankings, I see no reason why I could not do the Monthly ones. *knock on wood* So here I am, with the first installment of what I hope is many to come!

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OPENING: 【ころんば4号】untitled_0346【オリジナル曲】

40: 【雪歌ユフ】シーケンス【UTAU】
39: 【重音テト」空へ【UTAUオリジナル】
38: 【春ニカ祭2012】春のふわふわ【UTAUオリジナル曲】
37: 【オリジナル曲】ノルク【波音リツ・欲音ルコ】
36: 【初音ミク×重音テト】期待してるからねっ!【オリジナル曲】
35: 【猫詩るる+左上禰₇₄】独りの少女と電脳世界【UTAUオリジナル曲】
34: 【重音テト】 First note, Last note 【UTAUオリジナル曲】
33: 【重音テト】ピコット【オリジナル】
32: 【重音テト】海にまだ居る【オリジナル】
31: 【重音テト&初音ミク】SUPER★GIRL -Luv Remix-【セルフアレンジ】
30: 【重音テト】No.100【オリジナル曲】
29: 【春歌ナナ・波音リツ】てぃんくる☆みらくる【オリジナル】
28: 【UTAU/重音テト】 クライテリオン 【オリジナル】
27: 【UTAU】MIDI_Song (feat.奏音トモ)【オリジナル】
26: 【UTAU】*片道レイテンシ*【デフォ子】
25: 【重音テト】tetoclock【オリジナル】
24: ポップコーン - 重音テト+沙野カモメ
23: 【柚子音ぽん】 ライデンフロストエフェクト 【オリジナル】
22: おまじない/重音テト(UTAU)
21: (IAテトヨワミク)『ハコニワイズム』(オリジナル+MMD_MV)

MyList Top 40
41: 【重音テト】 キリン 【オリジナル】
42: 【重音テト】STILL LIVE【オリジナル】
43: 願い事(Remix ver. from "Re: kamome sano") - 重音テト+沙野カモメ
47: 【猫詩るる】嘘、月、猫。【オリジナル】

20: 【滲音かこい】カコミテルンタ【オリジナル曲】
19: 【重音テト誕生祭2012】重ねた手と手【オリジナル曲】
18: 【重音テト様×初音ミク様】 Orange 【オリジナル】
17: 【重音テト】双子のドグマ【オリジナル曲】
16: 【猫村いろは・結月ゆかり】デブロード【兎眠りおん・破壊音マイコ】
15: 【重音テト】あなたのそばにいさせテト【オリジナル】
14: 【重音テト】シドレソファソ【オリジナル曲】
13: 【重音テト誕生祭】はかなさつよさ【オリジナル曲】
12: 【重音テト】もしかして発情期!?【オリジナル曲】
11: 【UTAU】自作音源お披露目+α【2012エイプリルフール】
10: 【重音テト】Happiness!!【オリジナル曲】
9: 【重音テトオリジナル】 オレンジ 【UTAU with MMD-PV】
8: 【重音テト】SpellSketch【オリジナル曲・PV】
7: 【春歌ナナ】 秒速7ミリメートル 【オリジナルPV】
6: 【重音テト】 邂逅点のユーフォリア 【PV付オリジナル】 力み音源β使用
5: 【重音テト】 ハートビートリメイカーズ 【オリジナル】
4: [重音テト]ここにいます。[オリジナル曲]

3: 【IA×Lapis×MAIKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO】Assault Mirage【Nhato×Taishi×GaSHOT】
2: 【重音テト】テトレーション↑↑【オリジナル】
1: 【愛野ハテ】津々浦々【みんなありがとう】


Bunny's Personal Picks: 43, 40, 37, 31, 26, 3, 1.

Anybody whos known me for a while will know that I'm a HUGE Yokune Ruko, Sukone Tei, and Sekka Yufu fan; put those three in a song and I will most likely adore it, so expect a lot of my picks to feature them. But overall I think that the sheer variety of voices makes UTAU an amazing program.

Anyhow, this month. There were some amazingly tuned songs in the higher numbers, so be sure to check those out. And this month's number three, UGHHHHH, I can't get enough of it!! This is probably the best I've heard Hakaine Maiko sound; shes definitly made for being used like this, since when producers try to make her sing "normally" it tends to come out, odd, I guess is the best word for it. Though some of those non-serious songs using her are pretty funny.

Number one features Aino Hate (whos name makes me giggle), a new VIPPERLOID. The joke here is that her voicebank was not originally released (it has been since then and you can grab it at her offical site). I think the voice is pretty good and the design is cute but Namine Ritsu's newest VB update blows it out of the water. Seriously, listen to this and try not to jump up and now in excitement.

Feel free to discuss your own personal picks or anything UTAU in the comments~


  1. First of all, let me say congrats on the new blog Bunnychan~

    There was a load of great UTAU songs that came out on April, especially with all the great Teto songs that came out on her birthday. But definitely the winner, even in my book, would be #3 just because the group did an awesome job using Maiko and her epic screams.

    I'm liking the new VIPPERLOID, Aino Hate, though I'm hoping there'll be more songs used by her soon. And regarding Ritsu's new VB: me = mindblown! I really hope kyaami wins the top 3 for next week's UTAran since she did an amazing job with his new VB.

    My personal favorites are: 43, 40, 31, 26, 25, 22, 13, 10, 8, 7, 3, 1

    1. Thankyou very much!

      Oh yes, so many good songs. I've been pretty busy lately, so I haven't been able to fully listen to a lot of songs, but so much Teto is on my watch list its not funny. I'm hoping to see more of Maiko and Ritsu's new VB at work (and more Ruko, there can always be more Ruko).

      I had to cut some of my personal picks, since it was starting to look like the entire ranking. XD