Thursday, June 14, 2012

MELTDOWN Vocaloid Photoshoot 2012-05-25

"Roshin Yuukai" (also commonly known as "MELTDOWN") by iroha(sasaki) (music) and kuma(alfled) (lyrics) is my number one favorite Vocaloid song. Period. So when my friend Chikane-chan asked me if I would like to be Child Rin to go with her Adult Rin cosplay, I was on that faster than a person with half a brain cell walks out on a "Twilight" movie.

"MELTDOWN" is a common stable in the Vocaloid community, even to this day. The music is beautiful, the lyrics can be taken differently by each listener, and Rin's tuning is brilliant, not to mention the BEAUTIFUL PV. I could go on and on about how much I love this song, but instead I'll just link you here, where you can read all the basic information and check out some remixes.

Anyhow, about the costumes. Chikane's was made by herself and a seamstress, mostly from custom patterns. Mine was made by my mother-in-law and myself, customizing the bottom part of a dress pattern; the front, sides, and straps were all custom. We went out of our way to make the dress as accurate to the original artwork as possible, including actual pleats on the front and making an actual lace-up back. I am also wearing bloomers for added "loli-ness." We both purchased the same wig so we would match and the bows were both made by me out of a headband and craftfoam.

We wore these all day Friday at Animazement and even watched the viewing of the Mikunopolis concert in costume (we cheered when the song played, hee). We took photos in three separate locations over the span of the day.

The overall feeling of the song is somewhat depressing, so a lot of our shots have me looking sad and Chikane either neutral or angry.

I love how this shot came out, as it really gives off a sense of loneliness.

Of course we did the ever-famous choking scene.

And the hand-holding scene.

Thats not to say that we didn't have SOME fun (ohgods, my face in this shot)....

Have a video featuring the best shots, as well as a handful of the silly shots, all set to an excellent remix by STUDIO KIT.

External link.

Heres your basic information about the photoshoot, as well as links to full galleries (which contain larger images).

- Chikane-chan as Adult Rin
- Bunnychan as Child Rin


- gallery
- Facebook gallery

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