Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Animazement 2012 Con Report

To start off this blog it was suggested to me that I do a recap of this year's Animazement convention. It is held yearly on Memorial Day weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina (some early years were held in Durham). I've been attending since 2002 (I STILL kick myself that I couldn't attend in 2001, since Kotobuki Tsukasa, my favorite character designer, was there. ARG!). I haven't been to a lot of cons, but I see AZ as a special one.

I used to attend AZ mainly to sell my art in the Artist Alley. However, the past three years I have not done so due to not making enough profit, plus just the fact that I would like to actually ATTEND the con. This year was the first time I've gotten to go with just my husband and it was perfect. I got to hang out with friends I don't get to see very much, get some commissions, see lots of nice cosplay, and spend too much money buy lots of pretty stuff.

I picked up some rather nice stuff, including a commission by Sakky and Mike Moon. My husband also spent his share of the money, but we have no regrets!

As for the con itself, I only attended one "panel," the showing of last year's Mikunopolis concert in LA. They had the audio up a bit too loud though, where it was hard to make out the actual lyrics and music. It was nice seeing it up on the big screen though (especially since I don't own that concert, boo) and people really cheered when the Kagamine twins and Luka appeared. I originally planned to attend the KOTOKO concert, but uh, kind of got caught up talking with friends, so I ended up missing it. The game room was very nice, with lots of neat and old school games. I didn't actually go to any anime viewings or other panels, as I spent most of my time just walking around or talking with friends.

Besides some small issues the con was pretty good. I got to wear three new cosplay outfits, two of which I'll post separate blog entries about soon. For now I'll leave you with a video showcasing some photos and short videos that were taken during the con (photos by my husband, video by me).

You also also view the individual photos here at this public Facebook album.


  1. Hi~ kurisuto here, stalking your blog!

    Well, that con looked like fun, nice vid. Your link to the Facebook album doesn't work though, but maybe it's just me.

    Anyway, yay for blog~ :)

    1. Hey there, nice to see you stalking; hope we can chat via this sometimes~

      Opps, I used the wrong link, my bad! It has now been fixed (I forgot that there were different links for FB users and non-FB users).

    2. Be careful what you wish for, I'm a stalker of the yandere type...

      Ah, nice pics! I'm really not a huge anime fan/gamer so I didn't recognise a lot of those cosplays, but the Lightning one was nice -- and hot, if I may add.

      (aaaaaalso, off-topic but in case you got the foolish idea to click my name: IT IS A JOKE BLOG. I REPEAT: IT IS A JOKE BLOG)